What are the Islamic Basis of Hijama?
Any Side Effects
How many treatments are required?
How Hijama Therapy works ?

 Why Us?

Treatment at Patients Location

We provide Al Hijamah (Cupping Therapy) treatment at patient location

Foreign Trained Staff

Some of our foreign trained staff perform treatment painlessly.

Provide Products Nationwide

We provide our products in nationwide. China made Cupping Box, Local made but good quality disposable Cups, Local made Cupping Box including Vacuum Pump and 10 Cups.(Guaranteed), Vacuum pump, Disposable Gloves and Blades (Wet Cupping).

Price of cup is Rs 500 each .



Al hijamah is a Sunnah as well as a medical treatment.

The word ‘hijamah’ is derived its origin from the word al-hajm which carries the meaning: to suck, to absorb, or to extract. It described a medical treatment whereby ‘Toxid’ blood is extracted from the body by a suction cup attached to a lightly incised skin surface

Guidelines from Experts:

Guidlines for patients?
  • He can bring his own gown.
  • He can bring his own kit of cupps for safety measures if possible.
  • Cupping preferred on empty stomach for at least 2-3 hours.
  • Preferred on 17,19,21 dates of lunar month.But cupping can be done at any time when needed.
  • Mode of treatment should be followed sincerly and observe the healing effects after taking tibb-e-Nabawi diet, herbs and Hijamah.
  • Quran recitation and good conduct should not be ignored
  • After cupping,protect the body by izkaar and quran recitation to avoid any waswasa




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